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Monday, September 21, 2020

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ATX Power Supply

ATX Power Supplies

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EVGA 400W power supply

Power Supply 100-N1-0400-L1 400W, 120mm Fan

    EVGA 400W
  • 1 x 24 Pin ATX
  • 1 x EPS(CPU)8pin(4+4)
  • 1 x PCIE 8pin (6+2)
  • 1 x PCIE 6pin
  • 4 x SATA
  • 3 x Four-Pin Molex
  • 1 ...[MORE]


Coolermaster Elite V3 500w Power Supply

The new Elite V3 power supply is a dependable choice for the everyday PC user. The included 120mm quiet fan, PCI-E support, and global 3 year warranty delivers a PSU that provides function and resilie ...[MORE]


EVGA 500W power supply

EVGA Power Supply 100-W1-0500-KR 500W 80PLUS +12V 120mm Ultra-Quiet Fan Active PFC Retail

    EVGA 500W
  • Size: ATX
  • Wattage: 500 W
  • 80 PLUS Certification: 80 PLUS
  • Internal +12V R ...[MORE]


EVGA 550W Power Supply

EVGA Power Supply 100-N1-0550-L1 550W +12V 120mm Sleeve Bearing Fan ATX Retail


EVGA 500w Power Supply, 80+ Bronze, Sleeved Cables

Introducing the EVGA BR Series of power supplies. Building upon our already great line of Bronze rated power supplies, we sought to make the improvements our customers asked for. Our BR Series are 80 ...[MORE]


CoolerMaster MWE BRONZE 500W

CoolerMaster Power Supply MPX-5001-ACAAB-U1 MWE BRONZE 500W ATX 12V Active PFC 80+Bronze Non Modular Retail


EVGA 600w Power Supply, 80+ Bronze, Sleeved Cables

eVGA Power Supply 100-BR-0600-K1 600 BR 600W 80+BRONZE 12V PCI Express

    EVGA 600BR
  • 24 PIN ATX
  • EPS (CPU) 1x 8pin (4+4)
  • PCIE 2x 8pin (6+2)
  • 6x SATA


EVGA 650w Power Supply

eVGA Power Supply 100-N1-0650-L1 650W +12V 120mm Fan ATX Retail

    EVGA 650W
  • 24 PIN ATX
  • EPS (CPU) 8pin (4+4)
  • 2x PCIE 8pin (6+2)
  • 6x SATA
  • FLOPPY < ...[MORE]


EVGA 750w Power Supply

eVGA Power Supply 100-N1-0750-L1 750W +12V 120mm Sleeve Bearing Fan ATX Cable Retail


EVGA 700w Power Supply, 80+ Bronze, Sleeved Cables

EVGA Power Supply 100-BR-0700-K1 700 BR 700W 80+BRONZE 12V PCI Express 120mm Long SleeveBearing Retail


Antec NE700G ZEN 700W 80Plus Gold Power Supply, Dual EPS

  • NE700G Zen
  • ATX 12V 2.4
  • Active PFC
  • Efficiency Up To 92%
  • Output Capacity 700W
  • 120mm Silence Fan
  • 80 Plus Gold
  • 1 x MB 24(20+4) Pin
  • 2 x 8(4+4) Pin EPS 12V ...[MORE]


EVGA 750W power supply, 140mm fan, semi-modular, dual EPS

Introducing the next generation in value; the EVGA BQ Series. These power supplies take some of the best features from EVGAs award winning power supply lineup, like a 140mm fan with near silent operat ...[MORE]


EVGA Supernova 850 G3, Modular, 80+ Gold

EVGA SuperNOVA power supplies are well-known for their extreme efficiency, performance and reliability. In fact, over the last 3 years EVGA SuperNOVA power supplies have won over 70 awards from leadin ...[MORE]