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Monday, December 18, 2017

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TV Tuners / Capture / Streaming

TV Tuners / Capture / Streaming

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AVerMedia DarkCrystal HD Capture Pro, MTVHDDVRR-C027

AVerTV HD DVR - is a High Definition / Analog video capture card. Its equipped with HDMI input and through the included Dongle Cable, users will have Component, S-Video and Composite Video input inter ...[MORE]


Startech Video Capture/Stream, USB2HDCAPS

Capture high-definition video to a PC, or to an SD card without a computer, and stream live video over the Internet in real-time - Standalone video capture - standalone video streaming - 1080p capture ...[MORE]


AVerMedia GC550 USB 3.0 Game Streaming Box

Ultra-Low Latency via USB3.0: Uncompressed 1080p60 raw data with high software compatibility, HDMI pass-through with zero latency.
Extra Audio Source Support Mix-In: Support second audio sourc ...[MORE]


AVerMedia CV710 USB 3.0 Capture Uncompressed HD

ExtremeCap U3 is an USB 3.0 capture card that is truly capable of recording and streaming 1080p 60fps gameplay via HDMI and component inputs. Beyond that, this capture card supports capturing HD raw d ...[MORE]