Tue, Jan 22, 2019

Microsoft All-In-One Wireless Media Keyboard

Navigate your computer or Smart TV with ease using the Microsoft all-in-one keyboard. More than just a standard keyboard, this unit features an integrated trackpad that supports multi-touch gestures like swiping, zooming, dragging, and more. Customizable hotkeys make it quick and easy to access your favourite content.
  • Built-in multi-touch trackpad makes it easy to navigate content and use multi-touch gestures with your Windows computer
  • Customizable media hotkeys give you one-touch access to the web, your tunes, movies, and other content
  • Wireless connectivity through USB keeps the keyboard free of cables
  • Durable design stands up to spills and bumps in life
  • Easy-access volume controls make it a cinch to turn the sound up and down
  • Basic English keyboard functionality works with select USB HID compliant gaming consoles and Smart TVs


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